Pfsense hardware home user

  • iam looking for a internet router with ssd/hd connection and a minimal of three network connections for a home use. what do you advise….netgate is to expensive for the purphose...

  • Netgate Administrator

    What is your internet connection speed/bandwidth?
    Are you wanting to do more than firewall/NAT?

    Which Netgate device is too expensive?


  • Using an old desktop computer is usually the cheapest solution for a home pfSense system.  If you don't have any old hardware lying around you can probably purchase an old computer on Craigslist for a cheap price.  You could then buy some additional network cards for the computer to get 3 interfaces.

    You don't need a very fast CPU or much memory to make a decent home pfSense box.

  • maybe this will help you :)
    i had the same big question and i decide to go for this:

    Gigabyte J1900N-D3V


  • I just ordered a pcengines apu1c4 Mainboard - around 230 EUR all inclusive.

    I first had an used 5 years old firewall, but the apu1c4 was slightly faster and I calculated that running 24/7 the cost for electric power (which is quite expensive in germany) will make the apu1c4 cheaper than the old firewall hardware.

    I have a 100Mbit/2,6Mbit Cable Internet access. pfSense runs with snort, some firewall rules, openVPN and squid proxy.
    I had havp running with squid, but this slowed Internet access too much. The rest runs ok for me.

    Conclusion: An pcengines apu1c4 with 30GB mSATA SSD, Case, powersupply is faster, uses less power, is more silent than a 5 year old hardware and is cheaper if you use it for more than 2 years.

    Edit: Details: