• So I have a spare laptop sitting around and I thought I would set it up with pfSense so I could do some load balancing.
    To give an indication as to how new I am to this it took me about 1 1/2 hours to get past the rootmount bs  >:(

    I have 3 wireless NICs (Dual Band N) that I want to use as WAN interfaces and load balance them, and one wired NIC that I want to act as the lan port to go to a switch

    I'm stumped on how to even log into the web GUI because I understand that you have to have one WAN interface configured right? so that would be the only interface that shows up is the onboard lan card.

    Is it even possible to set WLAN interfaces as WAN and how do I get around logging into the webGUI when I only have one wired NIC

    Any help/links/suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you set it up with only a single interface it will appear as WAN but it will let you connect to the webgui via that. There won't be a DHCP server running on that interface so you'll have to set up a client with a static IP to connect to it.
    Once in the webgui you can add the wifi interfaces and swap the NIC assignments around. Keep in mind though that as soon as you add a further interface the default firewall rule that allowed you to connect to the WAN will move to the LAN so before you do that add a firewall rule yourself on the WAN if you'll still need to connect via it.

    What wireless NICs are you using? Many 'N' NICs are unsupported.