• I have two WAN connections, both PPPoE, each going over a separate network card.

    I need to be able to route most out-going traffic via a different WAN gateway depending on the time of day.

    For example I need most traffic to go out via WANA during office hours Mon-Fri and via WANB at all other times. All this traffic will ne NATed.

    What is the best way to achieve this ?

    As a further complication, there are some hosts on the network that this won't apply to, they will always need to be routed via WANB. And as a final complication those hosts always routed via WANB will need to be reachable by the public IP addresses available on WANB (possibly via 1-to-1 NAT, haven't looked at that much yet.

  • schedules work for that when combining it with policy routing on your firewall rules (ie specify gateway+schedule and put it above the default ruleset)

  • So I presumably do that by adding a couple of rules to the set for the LAN interface ?

    i.e. one rule with a schedule and the gateway for WANA and then a rule under that with no schedule for WANB, both rules matching all outgoing traffic

  • yes