Pfsense to fortigate60B unable to ping from remote site

  • Hello,

    I have succesfully setup ipsec site to site with pfsense 2.1.3 and fortigate 60B.
    Tunnel is up and no problems in the log of racoon.
    I can ping the remote site suceesfully, but I can not ping from remote to the lan on pfsense.
    Ipsec rule enabled with all any. log enabled.
    When i ping from remote I see it in the log with pass, but thats all.

    seems the ping arrives on pfsense but then is lost … ?

    local : pfsense with LAN :  WAN : 81.83.x.x
    ipsec configured succesfully
    firwall rule ipsec enabled for any

    remote : Fortigate 60B with LAN:  WAN: 81.82.x.x
    ipsec confited succesfully
    firewall rule added for ipsec from LAN to remote LAN

    ping from or ( window7 client) to (server) is working.
    ping from or ( windows7 client) to or is not working.

    have been testing and adding rules on pfsense to no avail.
    Is here anybody who can help or advise me what to do to find the problem ?


  • can you show your fortigate firewall policy on ipsec and same with pfsenes ipsec policy