• I was messing around with an HE IPv6 tunnel for a bit, but have since removed it. It seems the old interface is still lingering in the RRD graphs, and even more annoying, is the default graph under "Quality".

    Is there a way to remove this interface via the web GUI without resetting all the other graphs?

    Have a great weekend. 8)

  • The RRD graph will be displayed as long as the relevant log file exists.
    Reset RRD data will remove all log files and resolve your issue.

    If you want to remove a single log file and keep the other data you have to remove it manually.
    To do so, in Diagnostic > Command prompt execute "ls /var/db/rrd/*.rrd" to display all existing RRD log files. Then remove the one you want by executing "rm /var/db/rrd/<rrd file="">.rrd".</rrd>