503 - Service not available in Dashboard

  • I am seeing 503 errors in my 2.13 dashboard. Both in the system Information (bottom,where it shows if a new version is available) and in Dyn DNS Status (right hand, where it lists my active ip in green normally.)  If I go to Services, dynamic DNS, its there in green, and if I manually force an update, it seems to work just fine.  Likewise, System firmware section seems happy.

    reset cable modem and pfSense a few times.  Internet connectivity is there, gateway is up , functional.

    This is a new issue, I have not seen it before.  I only hoped onto it because a scheduled (cron) reboot didn't re-establish a dhcp'd address from the cable modem. (I have since deleted the cron job!)

  • I tried restoring to a 2.12 fullbackup I had (not restoring the config xml) and it didn't help.  I re-upgraded to 2.13 and again, still with the 503 - Service not available errors.

  • OK so the probem as I describe is is on chrome.  IN IE 11 it basically freezes on obtaining update status ….. and on checking .... for the cached ip.

  • Reset to factory defaults got me going here.  couldn't find anything less invasive …. :(