Unable to retrieve package info from https://packages.pfsense.org.

  • For the last few weeks I have been seeing this message when I try to install new packages

    Unable to retrieve package info from https://packages.pfsense.org. Cached data will be used. 

    At first, I thought the website was down.  Then after about 2 weeks I decided to browse this forum to see what was going on..  Found this thread but user cmb recommended users NOT using proxy to start their own thread


    I have NO packages installed.  This is a clean running install of pfsense running on a Proxmox VM.

    Its been running perfectly for about 2 months.  For some reasons, pfsense lost its way.  I suspect this started since last upgrade… Not sure though since I dont access pfsense webUI every day..

    Looking up https://packages.pfsense.org using DNS Lookup  doesnt work (The following input errors were detected: Host must be a valid hostname or IP address.).

    Trying to access "https://packages.pfsense.org" from my browser also doesnt work.

    Anybody can shed light to this?

  • Are you using IPv6?

  • Are you using IPv6?

    Absolutely not!