LDAP Authentication Problem with Squid

  • Two questions actually:

    1. In System > User Manager, I have configured my Win2K8 server as authenticator. It worked fine and I tested various user names using the tool provided under Diagnosis menu. However, when I configured Squid to authenticate via LDAP, it doesn't work. The users are asked for username and password but authentication fails. Is there some setting in Squid config wherein it can be forced to use the authentication configuration I created in "User Manager" ? I first tried with Squid3-dev; it didn't work; and so I reinstalled the whole thing and then opted for Squid 2.7. Neither worked.

    2. I have a DHCP service on my Windows Server which leases out DHCP addresses to clients and I want to retain it as my DHCP server. However, it also assigns a gateway to all clients which happens to be my pfSense system. I checked DHCP snap-in and found that my router rule is empty. How can I stop the DHCP service from assigning gateway address to clients? Though this is basically a Win2K8 question, I hope someone here might know it.

    Thanks for any help.