Issues with clients trying to claim pfsense as their dns server

  • I having been playing with Pfsense for probably 6 months and tested it out at home, i though i would give it a shot in a production environment.  Issue:

    At home this things is super awesome as a proxy server, no issues it just works.

    At work it only works for the immediate lan, the other vlans cant see it.

    So i think must be some static routes need added so i did so, i created a gateway then added the vlan ciders to that gateway, but when i did all heck broke loose the windows clients that were using pfsense as a proxy started to try and look up name resolution through the pfsense box

    Whoa, while pretty neat, it was actually devastating for the network.

    if you wondering  how that was set up:
    wan    lan  vlan /24 /24  comig through gateway on the lan interface.

    So does anyone see ay steps i missed or know why or how pfsense was overriding the windows dns servers.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    And where are the gateway address for your vlans?  So pfsense is not the gateway or firewall your just trying to use it a proxy server?

    So your say pfsense lan is and the gateway of this segment is

    If pfsense is not the gateway for your networks, then yes it would need to know how to route to get to 10.10.18 and etc.  Or it would try to go out its wan to get there.  Do not place a gateway on pfsense lan - just create routes.

    You will also need to adjust the lan firewall rules to allow those other segments.  And will also have to create nats so that pfsense nats them - unless your not natting at all.  You will also need to setup proxy to allow those other networks to use it.

    As to clients doing dns??  Yes a proxy is what looks up dns for a client..  If a client of a proxy wants to go to - the proxy is the one that looks up  If your saying your clients are doing actual dns to pfsense…  Did you not disable dhcp on pfsense?  Or not configure its dhcp server if your using it to correctly point to your network gateway and dns?