• :D Hello!

    I'm setting up a network from scratch and have the following in place already:

    • Two Dell R200s w/ dual onboard Broadcom NICs and an Intel Pro 1000 add-in dual NIC

    • NICs are configured as WAN, LAN, Guest, and PFSync

    • An HP 2810 as a core switch

    • A number of HP 2626's and UniFi APs scattered around

    I'm running three different VLANs; One for staff (5), one for guests (15), and a third one for devices/equipment (like Rokus, etc) (20). All of the switches are dot1q capable. So, here's what I've done:

    -Assigned VLANs 5 and 20 to the LAN NIC (OPT3 and OPT4)
    -Assigned VLAN 15 to the Guest NIC (OPT5)
    -Created OPT interfaces for 5 and 20 on the LAN NIC and 15 on the Guest NIC
    -OPT interfaces haven't yet been assigned IP addresses

    For the purposes of CARP, would this setup work? (The partner/backup firewall is ..*.3 for every matching interface)

    OPT3 -
    OPT4 -
    OPT5 -

    CARP addresses

    OPT3 -
    OPT4 -
    OPT5 -

    The HP 2810 is tagged for VLANs 5 and 20 on the interface that connects to my LAN interfaces and VLAN 15 is tagged on my Guest interfaces.

    DHCP is enabled from Pfsense on the appropriate interfaces.

    Does all of this sound good?