Traffic Shaper Wizard generated Queues and their bandwidth % defaults.

  • Hi,
    When I use the Traffic Shaper wizard for 2 LAN - 1 WAN, I get the queue bandwidth percent values shown in the attached diagram for the defaults. (I have 3 Mb download , 1 Mb Upload internet connection).

    I am confused when I look at the Bandwidth % totals.

    For example :

    • WAN interface has 4 Queues having bandwidth % of 55 total. What the remaining %45 is used for? The similar applies to the LAN and WIFI interfaces.

    • Why 1 Mb (My upload bandwidth) seems to be assigned to only WAN interface and
      3 Mb (My Download bandwidth) seems to be assigned to both LAN and WIFI interfaces.

    Could someone give some info on wizard allocated default bandwith percentages as general?

    Thank you.

  • Nobody?

  • The wan interface is your upload BW, so 1Mb
    And the lan/wifi is your download BW, so 3Mb