2.1.3 BUG ? UI shaper configuration not synced with pfctl

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm trying to set up the shaper, however the queues configuration reported by pfctl does not reflect the configuration done in the UI, see qOthersHigh missing and real/upperlimit parameters missing. Hints ?

    queue root_re0 on re0 bandwidth 4Mb priority 0 {qUpload}
    queue  qUpload on re0 bandwidth 4Mb {qACK, qDefault, qStreaming, qVoip}
    queue  qACK on re0 bandwidth 600Kb
    queue  qDefault on re0 bandwidth 320Kb hfsc( default upperlimit(2Mb 5000 320Kb) )
    queue  qStreaming on re0 bandwidth 2.70Mb
    queue  qVoip on re0 bandwidth 256Kb hfsc( realtime 128Kb )