Squid deny all by default without having to blacklist one by one

  • What I need is to block all sites by default with pfsense squid package, and just whitelist all the sites that are allowed.

    Experience before:
    When I used squid (before pfsense), all I had to do was make sure there's the line:
    "http_access deny all"
    and put all the whitelist acls above that and I'm good to go.

    Experience with pfsense squid now:
    after installing pfsense and squid, squid only blocks the sites that i put in the blacklist field/area.
    how can i, by default blacklist all?

    Note: i don't dare touch the squid.conf manually as pfsense squid package is supposed to do the setting change to the squid.conf.
    Is there an expression i should but in the blacklist field to block all? or some other setup I missed?

    Thanks in advance pfsense gurus :)

  • Just insert a point(.) on blacklist to block all sites.

  • @marcelloc you're a genius!

    it worked!
    fast response too. :)
    thanks much!