Second WAN Connection cannot route through it

  • Hello,

    I just added a second WAN connection to my setup but i am not able to route traffic through it here it what i have done:

    Setup the interface with its static IP
    Added the new ISP's Gateway to that interface (now pfsense can ping out from that interface)
    Made a firewall rule that only applies to my computer and tried to push my traffic through it. This causes the internet to go out on my computer, i can ping the gateway still, but nothing past the gateway.

    What am i doing wrong or missing here?

    Thank you.

  • Are you running Automatic or Manual outbound NAT? Did you put that new rule for your computer above the default LAN allow rule?

  • Lol, my bad, forgot to set the outbound NAT rule. Still monday here in the USA. ha

  • No worries. I am the in the USA too. I have had my coffee limit though!