Limiter works sporadically, works after states reset

  • I have a few limiter rules managing some of the devices on my network.  One of them is a Nintendo Wii the kiddos use for watching Netflix.  They are allowed a couple of hours a day on the device, and I have bw limits for download speeds set.

    Often times, (perhaps after the Wii is turned off and then back on?  still testing) I will look at traffic graphs on pfsense and see the Wii at 10+ mbps down.  My limit is vastly below that value.  At that point if I reset the states, it seems to pick up the limit value just fine.

    Other devices (tablets and such) have the same issues.  Often times their bandwidth, although limited, will run wild.  Again, a states reset usually fixes.  If it doesn't a pfsense reboot fixes.  Until it breaks again, that is.

    At this point I am basically having to reset states several times a day, which of course is inconvenient, and troublesome when I am at work (the wife has no idea how to do it).

    Wondering what could be causing pfsense to "forget" to limit clients, and how I can keep my devices behaving on the network without constant maintenance.