Installing pfsense behind a router on VirtualBox on Ubuntu

  • Hi, this is my first post on this forum so if I am doing something wrong please tell me.

    I have searched the FAQ etc. but cannot find an answer.  I am trying to set up pfsense on VirtualBox on Ubuntu BEHIND my ADSL router and not being technical, I am finding all the jargon relating to networks a bit imposing.

    I have an AppleMac Pro running OSX 10.9.2.
    I have set up a Dell dual core machine  to run Ubuntu 14.04 and on it I am happily running VirtualBox 4.3.10.
    I am trying to set up pfsense to run as a virtual machine on VirtualBox to be my VPN controller sat behind my SFR (France) ADSL router.  This is all to enable me to get my sky box to run over VPN as I cannot set the box itself to do so.

    pfsense is working fine on the VM and I have two NICs installed which pfsense recognises as well as a wireless NIC it also recognises if required.  What I am having difficulty understanding is how to make pfsense connect to the ADSL router to redirect traffic it manages to the internet.  Eventually I will set this traffic route up as a VPN mainly to direct my sky box through the VPN service and there is no way to set it directly.

    I have set the first adapter to a bridged adapter, ethernet 0 named em0.  I have set the second adapter to a bridged adapter, ethernet1 named em1.  I have set the third adapter to a bridged adapter, wlan0 named wlan0 and the fourth adapter to an  internal network, intnet.  Currently I have only made em0 and wlan0 live with the WAN on em0 and the LAN on wlan0.

    Every time I try to set the second NIC interface (following instructions to set up pfsense as a VPN) called OPT1 as ovpnc1 and set the gateway for the device I lose contact with the web configurator of pfsense and have to roll back to a previous version of my settings.  I am a bit lost as to what is going on.

    I have seen lots of information on setting the WAN to but I suspect this is for situations where pfsense is managing the routing to the internet direct and not through a separate ADSL router?  I have also seen discussion on setting a separate IP address for pfsense which sort of makes sense but I do not fully understand how to achieve it.

    Currently I have my WAN set to DHCP and my LAN on a fixed address of  The ADSL router and DNS for my normal network is so I have set the upstream gateway to as well.  I have also read about setting the pfsense LAN to a new address set of say but whenever I try this I also lose access to the configurator as my Apple Mac is on the 192.168.1.x network.

    As you can see I am pretty confused now and would appreciate any links to guidance or direct help in getting this setup to work.

    Thanks in advance,