Dansguardian Group with Multiple Filters

  • Hi,

    I am trying to research whether Dansguardian is capable of having groups
    with multiple filters.

    For example if I have a Group named GroupA, can I apply two filters for this
    group? Such as having Filter1 to give access to Facebook and Filter2 to give
    access to WebMail. Don't know if Dansguardian works with first come first
    served basis, that is if there is a match for a specific group/filter, it
    does not check the other filters for the same group. Thanks


  • I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish… For each group in Dansguardian (you can only create 3) you can specify multiple things (and I'm sure I will miss some).
    1.) What sites are blocked based on a blacklist (plus allows via a whitelist) for URL's and sites
    2.) PIC's based blocking
    3.) Block rules based on weighted phrases in the content
    4.) Grey list of sites that are allowed as long as they don't violate phrase blocking
    5.) URL rewrite rules
    6.) Content rewrite rules
    7.) Blocking timeframes

    You can assign users to groups either by using an authentication mechanism (there are several) or by IP address.