Config: firewall behind a Westell 6100 modem

  • I apparently got my first installation to work by accident, or else my brain has turned to mush in the interim.  Or it could be both, I suppose.

    LAN <-> Firewall <-> Modem

    The machines on the lan have static local addresses in the 192.168.0.* range.  I have the firewall's lan-side NIC set to .98 in the same range.  I want to put the modem, with a .99 address, into bridge mode again, so that the firewall, not the modem, is the one that solicits the DHCP address from Verizon.

    But I've got some setting(s) goofed up, because when I put the modem into bridge mode, the firewall doesn't ask for an address, it just sits there.

    Could someone tell me which setting(s) to change?  Thanks!

  • Netgate Administrator

    How do you have the pfSense WAN configured?

    The WAN and LAN interfaces must be in different subnets. If the modem is successfully in bridge mode then the WAN will get a public IP which is a different subnet to LAN. Before that though the modem ip is in the LAN subnet which cannot work.