PowerD freezes system: Xeon E3110, Intel DG41TY MB, 4GB, 2.1.3

  • Took a while to narrow down, as system was crashing after a restore from another machine where PowerD worked fine.

    To reproduce, boot from live cd 2.1.3, no VLan, assign WAN, go to webConfigurator, tick PowerD, save, back to dashboard.  Froze at uptime 8:44.  Completely frozen.  Console screen blank.  Keyboard dead.  Cannot ping.  Requires power off/on (no reset button on this box.) When I was playing with this on full installs, I didn't see anything suspicious (at least to me) in the logs.

    I was having exact same symptoms on a P5Q Premium w/E3110, but hadn't gotten it narrowed down this far before moving on to this box.  Common E3110 a coincidence?

    Any ideas?

  • Well, it's not the E3110, as it works fine on an Optiplex 755.  Apparently I stumbled upon 2 motherboards PowerD does not like.