Getting MPLS WAN to Play Nice with VPN WAN

  • I am in the planning stages of setting up a multi-WAN environment.

    We currently have an MPLS WAN setup and managed by our ISP for four locations, all using old-school (bonded) T1 connections. Each location now has high-speed (cable) connections that I would like to link up via pfSense Open VPN. I would like to use the T1 connections as failover.

    Each MPLS router is at 192.168.X.254 (X being 1-4 for each location / subnet)

    First Questions:

    1. Can I simply setup OPT1 on a LAN subnet address with the gateway being 192.168.X.254. So in the event of a VPN connection going down all traffic can be automatically routed over the MPLS WAN?

    2. Can I route VOIP traffic to only use the MPLS WAN? (Latency on the Open VPN could be upwards of 70ms and Im not sure if that would cause issues)

    Thanks in advance!