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    On 2.2 we will have a new carp system that can operate with a single IP. I'm not sure if it will be feasible to obtain that IP via DHCP, but it might be possible there. Even if it is possible, the secondary unit would have no external connectivity so it could not fetch packages, updates or anything unless it was forced to be the master at the time.

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    Has the new carp system been added to 2.2-ALPHA, or is it not finished yet? Just tried to add a carp IP address to an interface that didn't have an IP address, and it failed with: "The interface chosen for the VIP has no IPv4 or IPv6 address configured so it cannot be used as a parent for the VIP." Or have I misunderstood?

    Tried it on the latest snapshot (built on Wed May 28 07:19:06 CDT 2014).


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    It's there in the OS, but we haven't fixed the GUI's input validation to account for it, as it may need other adjustments along the way. As far as I know it's still on the todo list but hasn't made its way around to the spotlight.