Sarg not deleting old logs

  • I am running pfSense 2.1.2 with Sarg 2.3.6_2 pkg v.0.6.3. Everything is fine, except that old Sarg reports are not deleted. I configured limit settings in 'Status: Sarg Settings' like this:

    Reports list limits: 10
    Reports days limits: 10

    Schedule is defined with frequency '1d', and indeed reports are generated every day. However, all the reports since I started using Sarg on May 13 are still present. At the moment there are 16 of them.

    In /usr/pbi/sarg-amd64/etc/sarg.conf, the following line is present:

    lastlog 10

    so I don't understand why old logs are not deleted.

  • Turns out this is a bug in sarg. Old reports are not deleted if 'Generate the index tree by file' is not selected in General settings.

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