• I made some minor modifications to a HOWTO  I recently created.


    It is basically the same, just with an interesting title, in an attempt to get the project some publicity.


  • When I click on Digg, I get: Oops, what you're looking for isn't here!

    Never seem this before?

  • Hmmm that is odd.  I get a download window that says Open with" or save. It is an attachment, a .doc I created in Open Office.  Can you try it again?  maybe that was a one time thing.

  • Still giving the could not find page when I try to digg it.

  • I was able to digg it. I also put a comment in that gave the link to where people can view it on the website. digg is still pointed to the .doc file.

  • I wish I knew more about Digg.com.  I would be able to get more Diggs if I did,  I made some errors in my submission due to my inexperience with digg.  I thought I would be able to edit my submission much like a forum.  No such luck.  I should have pointed the Digg post to a webpage or pfsense.com.

    So if this Digg entry does not really go anywhere I plan on redoing and resubmitting.  We need to get about 50-55 diggs in the first 24 hours to help the Entry go to the upcoming section first page (Or so I hear).  I assume out of the 5k or so registered users at the forums we ought to be able to get a big chunk of that number.  If we have any way of rallying the registered digg users from the forums that would be very helpful toward getting some more exposure for the project.