How to modify source code at pfSense

  • Hi,

    I did test pps(packets per second) by packet generator (pktgen, packETH).


    [Host] –- LAN --- [F/W (LAN :, WAN :] –- WAN --- [Host]

    But, almost packets are dropped at LAN interface.
    When I command "netstat -s", I get result below as.

            20024058 datagrams received
            0 with incomplete header
            0 with bad data length field
            0 with bad checksum
            20000000 with no checksum
            20000009 dropped due to no socket
            13084 broadcast/multicast datagrams undelivered
            0 dropped due to full socket buffers
            0 not for hashed pcb
            10965 delivered
            11587 datagrams output
            0 times multicast source filter matched

    Many site said this is cause of overrun buffer.
    So, I want to modify size of buffer. but, I can not find where is source code.

    Thank you.