Notifications to non-STARTTLS port stopped working after upgrade to 2.2

  • It appears that the behavior change was from 2.1 to 2.2.  I noticed that in 2.2 both 'Enable SMTP over SSL/TLS'
    and 'Enable STARTTLS' is now set.  'Enable STARTTLS' is greyed out when 'Enable SMTP over SSL/TLS' is checked but it still allows 'Enable STARTTLS' to be set.  I didn't modify this before the upgrade and it was working before on 2.1 so I am uncertain why the behavior change.

    May 30 10:33:40 php: sendmail: Could not send the message to – Error: 454 4.3.3 TLS not available after start

    I am using port 465 where STARTTLS is not supported on our mail server.

    To fix it I unchecked 'Enable SMTP over SSL/TLS' so that I could uncheck 'Enable SMTP over SSL/TLS'.  After unchecking 'Enable SMTP over SSL/TLS' and saving I was then able to get emails.