• Hi all,

    I try to get 3x functionnal Pfsense systems on 3x HP Microserver Gen8. Unfortunately I am having problems with the Broadcom interfaces.

    When Pfsense boot up it's impossible to ping interface as if they were Down, i need to unplug and plug the cable for pings to work…

    I search on the Web and apparently the BCM5720 is supported on FreeBSD 8.3 with bge driver.

    Is there anyone who had or have the same issue ?

  • What is it connecting to?  As a test, can you try a different switch?

    Also, can you see if you can fix it by bringing it down and then back up again?  It may be a negotiation issue.  I think the BCM5720 has been problematic for a while, and it may not be fixed until FreeBSD 10.0.  As a trial, you could also see if pfSense 2.2 alpha does any better (based on FreeBSD 10)

  • Thanks for reply,

    This system is connected to a Linksys SW2016.

    Definitely, i'm sure it's a compatibility probleme because the 3th nic is a NC112T and work perfectly.

    Is it possible to integrate a command script who bring it down and up automatically at the startup ?

    I don't want to try the 2.2 Aplha because these 3x Pfsense are for production sites.

    If i don't find a stable solution, i think i will install VMWARE ESXi on the physical and deploy Pfsense as an Appliance, the BCM5720 is certified compatible with ESXi 5.x

    It' a shame, the last one's, on MicroServer Gen7 have raised no problem with Pfsense 2.x.