IP Cam and Router settings

  • I’m trying to figure out how to access the cam remotely from outside my network.

    I have the following equipment:

    -Actiontec GT704-WGB (Verizon DSL)
    -Zonet ZVC7611 IP camera wired in to above.

    I am able to access the camera when I plug in the IP address and port # in Explorer

    Have following settings on Zonet ZVC7611 cam:
    IP Address :
    Subnet Mask :
    Gateway :
    Primary DNS :
    Secondary DNS : 
    Video Port :  4321
    HTTP Port :  84

    Went to No-IP and created a host IP that ties to my external port  pwdcam.zapto.org

    Noticed the Verizon Modem/router does not have “Port Forwarding" selection in menu so the fun begins.
    These are Verizons instructions I’m totally confused.

    Years ago I was able to get everything working on a D-link but its been long time and I think its time to ask the experts on the forum.


  • Unless you miss typed it in here, your gateway is not in the same subnet as your network. Because of that, it won't route.
    The gateway should probably be or the LAN/OPT ip address of pfsense.