Hardware is shutting down on it's own suddenly

  • I am running 2.0.1, and have had it running happily for a couple years as a WiFi router with captive portal in a pub.

    It has suddenly started to shut down on it's own, and I am not sure the best way to fault find this - the logs only show logs since boot up?  Not before shutdown?

    I know it is likely hardware related.

    It shutdown one morning, rebooted fine and lasted around 4 hours before doing the same.  It then lasted two days, and has just gone down again.  Rebooted fine once more.

    The only thing I did change recently was SQUID from SQUID to SQUID3.  I have since put it back to SQUID to see if this was the problem, but it still shutdown.

    In the logs, I see lots of SQUID errors?

    Is this normal?

    Thanks for any input.

  • Unfortunately you need to find out if it is a clean shutdown or a hard poweroff.

    A hard poweroff, which is the most likely, means you've got failing hardware. It could be your power supply or your motherboard.

  • In my IT experience, BSODs(I'm from mostly Windows, but it should apply to kernel panics also) are mostly caused by memory and hardware like HD, graphics, NIC.

    Sudden shutdowns, in my experience, seem to be more caused by PSU, CPU, chipset, heat(air flow, dead fan, whatever) issues.

    PSU and memory are the easiest to replace and test. If you have two or more sticks of memory, there is a good chance you can just remove one of the sticks, but I'd recommend just doing a memtest for 24-48 hours. My guess is it's not your memory if it causes a power down, but it is easy to check.