• I have been experiencing random machine crashes or lockups the past week or so. Before this there have been no issues or configuration changes on this system since it was updated to 2.1.3, it was updated about 30 days ago. Before the update to 2.1.3, reliability was exceptional uptime was measured in months.

    When it happens, I lose internet access to all interfaces, cannot connect to PFSense with the web interface, or through HyperTerminal, will not route between interfaces.

    I'm connecting a monitor to it now to see if I can get some information as to what is going on when it crashes. Is there a log file somewhere that I can look at?

    any other thoughts?

  • Netgate Administrator

    You can look at the system log at the console:

    clog /var/log/system.log

    If there's nothing in the logs and it's locking up hard (keyboard LEDs no longer function) then it's probably a hardware problem.
    Overheating, bad PSU, bad motherboard are possibilities.


  • Does your box have a video card installed you check the console when you have a hangup?

    If not, you can attach to the serial port and check the console that way to see if the box is actually crashed or simply unresponsive on the WebGUI.

    The system logs are at "Status->System Logs".  I would look at the General and  Gateways tabs for a start.

  • OK, Possibly made some headway. Several months ago I installed an Atheros wireless mini PCIe card. I was never happy with it's performance so I went to an external wireless AP. I left the Mini PCie card installed, just disabled the interface. since I had it down for cleaning/inspection anyway, I pulled it out.

    Upon re-boot I had to re-assign all my interfaces? 
    Snort would not start after re-boot? I re-installed it and put my config back in it. working now.
    The inside of the box was surprisingly clean, there was some dust on the cooling fans but all the heat sinks were clear, found no flow restrictions.

    Overall the router is working much better than the past week or so, routing between interfaces/VLANs is considerably faster, the web configurator is much faster.

    I'm guessing you were right about it being a hardware issue, I think this Atheros card may have been the issue, I guess time will tell.

  • I'm calling it solved, not sure what the problem with the Atheros is, but it's fixed.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Odd that you added the card months ago by the problems only showed up in the last few weeks. I suspect you have worked around the problem rather than repaired it. By removing the Atheros card you will have switched up the system resources, possibly freeing some RAM etc. You will have reduced the power draw on certain components. Most likely you opened the case to remove the card moved everything slightly, cables, connectors etc.
    Anyway, glad you're not suffering lockups any more!  ;)