Squid service stops on backup box when primary goes down

  • Squid/Squidguard work great on the primary box. However, the backup, which is setup with CARP, does not work properly in a test of failover. On both hosts, Squid is in transparent proxy mode. CARP works well for general firewalling and other box functions as well as syncing settings between the two Squid processes, but during a test, the following happens:

    -Host 1 is rebooted
    -Host 2's CARP status shows it assume all of the master roles for the VIPs
    -Host 2's Squid and SquidGuard services stop and refuse to restart
    -Internet service to clients on the network is lost until the primary finishes its reboot.

    Squid logs show that the Squid process is "Exiting due to signal 6".

    Thoughts? Any additional information which I could include to assist in diagnosis and troubleshooting?