An I easily upload a file with 5.000 IP adresses I want to WHITE-list - and all

  • Hi, Am new to PFsense so please forgive if my 12 questions are very basic:

    1. Want to use Pfsense with 5.000 WHITE-listed  IP-DRESSES (that ARE WHITELISTED.

    Any IP address that is not in the whitelist among the 5.000 IP's must be blocked both incoming and outgoing.

    Also, it must be easy to add the 5.000 IP's by uploading a file or paste the data into a window (I dont want to add each IP line-by-line-by-line-by…...)

    If PFsense doesnt support this currently - could such function be custom programmed for $100 donation/payment ?

  • Netgate Administrator

    If the IPs are in a file in the right format you can just copy and paste them into an alias.
    The pf-blocker package can import an alias from a file directly.