Can PFSense be installed on USB flash stick that is Physically WRITE-PROTECTED?

  • can PFSense be installed on a reputable manufacturer of USB flash stick that is Physically WRITE-PROTECTED?  (it has a small lever that can be slided to be either write-protected mode or not).

    The USB flash stick has a slide on one side that makes it:
      - Write-protection ON
      -  Write-protection OFF

    What am trying to is to: so
      - install firewall and configure it
      - LOCK the drive where it has been installed so data can be READ only. Any log data must then be saved to a separate USB drive or kept in memory.

    Is that possible to do wiith PFsense?  (Tried to run PFsense from live CD  - and that was not smooth/stable to do).

  • Netgate Administrator

    You could try the 'memstick' image. That is identical to the install CD but written for running from a USB stick. It will not attempt to write to the USB stick.
    You could attempt to run it with the config file on a separate drive like the original m0n0wall install used to, though I think that used a floppy drive. I think I remeber reading it's no longer a supported install type but that doesn't mean it's not possible.