Converting From Windows Server 2008 R2 to pfSense.

  • Hi! PLEASE HELP!!!
    I currently have an HP ProLiant ML370 G4 server, (retired from a business), I am currently using it as a Web Server (IIS), File Server (documents and pictures as well as client files are stored here for me to access from other computers on my network), Active Directory, Domain Controller, and DNS. If i switch to using pfSense on this server, will i be able to do all of these things? or should i dedicate an old PC in the parts closet to a pfSense box and not bother switching?
    Thanks :)

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    It would not be a good idea. Get the old iron out of the closet and begin to build a dedicated pfsense box. Dont think the server is up for introducing virtual infrastructure….

  • Thank you,
    should i put the pfSense box in between the modem and the server, or after the server? (using Cat6)
    I was thinking in between?

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    Between is the correct setup. It wouldnt have any firewall effect if you put it after the windows server

  • quick google'd it… that's a 775W power-supply. Given it's age, I assume it eats current for breakfast. and lunch. and dinner.  ::)
    Depending on where you live ($$/kWh) if it is intended to run 24/7, I would think it's a better ROI to buy a 4th gen NUC & run all that stuff on esxi, with room to spare.
    Where I live the investment would break even after a year or so. Not to mention the fun you will have running all that stuff on one small box  8)
    YMMV of course...

    Otherwise (if investment is not in order) I'm with Supermule. Go for dedicated HW. (my $0,02)

  • I put a spare machine together from random parts in the closet today; dual core, 450 watt PSU, 32 gig SSD, 250 gig HDD, 2 gigs of ram, basic stuff. Power really isnt an issue lol. I have 60+ machines and 40+ mobile devices. (I'm a class A nerd lol).
    I now need to figure out how to have one (wired) NIC have internet pushed into it (from my ISP) then out on the other (wired) NIC. Is that even possible? If so, how does one do it?

  • So if I understand you correctly you need the wan connection to be also available on another nic? If power is no issue, use a switch. That is really the easiest way.
    Otherwise, I think that a bridge is what you are looking for. (bridging 2 nics…. Think of it as bridging lan&wlan, but then for wan and (e.g.) opt1)
    Lots of material to find in the forum here, search for; bridge, bridging, transparent firewall, transparent bridge, ....