• Have several rules configured using the limiter, mostly limiting the kids devices to 500k so they aren't sucking bandwidth watching HD youtube videos on their stupid phones.

    Seems to work well enough, sometimes for an hour, sometimes for a few days.  Then pfsense "forgets" about the limits, and I see several megs downstream going to their devices in the traffic graph.  Reset states, all returns to normal limiting numbers.

    Also happening on the fam's main PC.  Further testing needed, but so far it seems like the limiter works if I reset states while the machine is on.  As soon as its powered off for the night, and then used the next day, viola, pfsense has "forgotten" the limits, and its downloading many megabits a second again.


  • No?

    Happening on my media downloader too.  Set to 500k limit downstream, currently downloading at 30 megabits.