Adding default route [] [] [nexthop] issue

  • Hi everyone

    Can I adding default route by GUI like route add -net -inet  Because after I rebooting pfsense ,the route is no longer exist.

    I try to adding route by GUI ,but it is just only choice
    After adding this route , I can ping ,, but when I ping [], It appears no route to host.

    The command with "route add -net -inet" can let me to get
    How can I  get this function by GUI ..? Thanks every one.

  • Hi,

    Is pfsense providing DHCP in your network?

    You shouldn't have to add routes at all in a typical setup.  Between DHCP and DNS pfsense can provide all the routing you need.

    Please post a diagram of your setup with the your WAN, LAN and addresses, so we can help a little more.

  • Hi
    pfsense1 does not providing DHCP in my network, it is my test machine, and only one interface setting as WAN with /24 , and is another pfsense2 which is really working , the pfsense2 is wroking fine in my network. but pfsense1 does not .

    Thanks your reply and help.

  • Can you post a diagram of your setup?

    It's not clear what your environment looks like