Viewing Apache Site From Inside Network

  • To start off, I love the extra controls I get from using pfsense over a linksys router. The one thing that has always trumped me though is every time i have to reset pfsense to factory settings or do a clean install I can never seem to view the internal apache servers site but it can be viewed from any machine external to the network. Eventually it usually works, but I am never quite sure what exactly worked after trying so many things.

    I have run through this many times, unchecking Disable NAT Reflection, using NAT to auto create my firewall rules.

    I have it set -

    Interface: WAN
    External Address: Interface Address
    Protocol: TCP/UDP
    External Port Range: HTTP
    NAT IP:
    Local Port: HTTP

    I have even tried this time setting the webgui to port 85 since in the past it was trouble.

    I am running 1.2 RC3 and I can't seem to get it to work now.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Also please I am not stupid, don't just reply "use search noob" I did use the search and other than my own previous topics there really isn't any useful posts for my current issue, b/c I have tried all previous solutions and am mainly inquiring if there were any changes since 1.02 that might require more steps.

  • Unchecking "disable NAT reflectiong" usually does the trick.

    I have even tried this time setting the webgui to port 85 since in the past it was trouble.

    As long as you have the webgui on port 80 it wont work.
    A better way other than setting the webgui on 85 would be to activate https and having it on the standard-port 443.

  • Setting it to https is what i did last time I reset it, but it didn't work when I tried it this time, so I tried the port 83. I'll try setting it back to https and port 443.

    And yeah, disable NAT reflecting normally works, but it isn't working for me now.

  • Nope, switched it back to https and left the port default and all i get when i got the the web address is a white blank screen. Which I am assuming is the pfsense install.

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