[SOLVED] Return Traffic To Subnet Behind Secondary Gateway Routing Issue

  • I've got a problem that seems to be related to the new changes to routing in 2.1

    I am running 2.1.3.

    In summery: reply packets to connections initiated from a subnet behind a secondary gateway are being routed to the default gateway rather then the secondary gateway

    The network layout is as follows

    I've added a PBR rule so that traffic from the "Example Server" is specifically allowed with the "VPN Device" set as the gateway.  This rule is above the default allow out * rule
    After doing this the "Example Server" can ping the client workstation at  So that is all well and good.

    The issue is that if the "Client Workstation" initiates the a telnet connection the packets arrive on the Example server as expected (Via Wireshark).  But the return traffic is sent to the Primary Internet Gateway as proven by doing a packet capture on the "PF Sense".

    The "PF Sense" has a route for using the "VPN Device" gateway

    What am I missing?

  • While I don't understand it yet….I found a fix.


    post #2 by CMB.  Ticking "Disable reply-to on WAN rules" solved the issue.

    I've tried Googling reply-to route-to but not found anything concrete about how or what it is used for.  Is this s freeBSD thing or I am missing something core to networking here.

    I hate not knowing why this works.

    Someone enlighten me?

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