• I'm having issues with speed and speedtest.net  can't do upload test besides synaptic issues.
    i have a hard drive install 100gig or so drive sata  8gig ram dual core apu 2 nics one onboard and other add on.

  • …so what have you done "after the failed squid install" - have you removed the package, reinstalled the package, removed it and tried a different version of it, restarted the pfSense, etc...

    What version of pfSense are you running? Which squid did you try to install? What sort of failure messages did you get?

    When all else fails, a configuration backup and pfSense reinstall from scratch followed by a configuration restore solve a lot of fiddly issues, often faster than hunting them down.

    If you had squid 2 and tried to install squid 3, that's an "expected to fail" arrangement unless you remove squid 2 first.