PfSense latest + virtual IPs (P_ARP) + server with public IP

  • Hi All,

    As I'm not sure which is the most appropriate category for my doubts, I've posted here in the General Questions.

    I've been using pfSense for a long time without trouble, but this time I do need to add a little bit more complexity to my setup and after searching around I'm still not sure how to accomplish it.

    My pfSense box, physical one, deals with 6 public IPs using Proxy ARP virtual IPs with nating and redirecting ports just good, but now I need to have a physical server configured with a public IP, while still maintaining the previous.

    What I figured out by myself: I could add an extra NIC to my box, connect this one to my physical server which has a public IP and bridge the extra NIC with the WAN interface on pfSense.

    Would this work?

    If so, should I replace the NIC assigned to the WAN with the virtual NIC created by the bridge?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Anyone? Please!

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