Feature request: dhcp-lease counter

  • Hi,

    would it be possible to add a counter to status:dhcp leases ?

    i'm asking primarily because of the growing byod trend at the schools i work. I've had it happen a couple of times that i got reports of "wifi problems' … only to find out a while later, that i ran out of free leases.

    Ideally the counter would show: x of y leases in use.
    where x=active leases | y=range_end - range_start

    would love to see this feature

    kind regards,


  • @heper:

    where x=active leases | y=range_end - range_start

    Just an aside, the formula should be y = (range_end + 1) - range_start since the range is inclusive, not exclusive. (ie, a range of to is 6 IP addresses, not 5. And it's a bit more complex than that if not using /24 addresses.)

    You might have better luck getting this done if you put a bounty on it. Might get a few others to toss in some $ as well.

  • i know its more complex using >/24 subnets … a while ago i hacked it on the shell with some grep -c mess.
    so getting the information if i really want/need it, is not exactly the problem. Getting it visually, all the time either in a widget or on the dhcp status page is what i would like to see.
    I figured this would be a nice and not too difficult feature to add to 2.2

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