Cannot get NAT to work

  • hello,

    I'm getting really frustrated. I have problems with getting NAT properly working. I have on two locations PfSense and it is partly working


    DLS modem                  –--------              PfSense 1.2RC3 (Alix 2c1)                                              vr(1) WAN via DHCP
    DMZ -->                                    vr(2) DMZ DHCP server  -- Laptop
                                                                vr(0) LAN DHCP server -- sonicwall SSL-VPN200

    The sonicwall has a fixed IP address on the LAN segment. I've created a NAT rule as the SSL devices requests access through port 443. I've created a Nat rule:

    IF          PROTO              EXT                    NAT IP                  INT PORT RANGE
    WAN      TCP                  443(HTTPS)            443(HTTPS)

    The system created a rule on the WAN Interface allowing TCP access from any source, any port to port 443 and any gateway and any schedule.

    however it doesnot work when I try to access the sonicwall under I can ping the sonicwall from the PfSense router, but only on the DMZ interface, not on the WAN interface.
    I've tried everything, but do not know what I'm doing wrong

    thanks for any suggestion or idea.


    uncheck "Block private networks" on WAN
    uncheck "disable NAT reflection" in advanced

  • Hello thanks,

    made a change to the configuration. Now the SSL-VPN is in the DMZ and surpringly it now works. Tried to check all differences. Only special thing was a suspicious DHPC reservation for the laptop.

    Still wonder what the problem was..


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