Time of Day Based Traffic Shaping

  • Good Evening,

    Long time user, first time poster :)

    I'm currently on a 45/4 cable plan.  However, my provider has given us the option to have unlimited data, at the cost of slower speeds between certain hours.  This is something I'd like to do, but I would need to essentially run two traffic-shaper rules, to accommodate the drastically different speeds.  So…

    Is it possible to do this?
    Do I need to do this, or am I out to lunch?

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.


  • Pfsense has a schedule and you can assign rules based on that schedule. I personally haven't done it before , but it should be possible yes.

  • hmm, that could work.  I'll have to look into it some more…

    Though the lazy side of me wishes it was an option in the wizard :)



  • i just figured this out last night.  go to my forum post below and it will have a picture of what i did.  also read the 1st comment (done by me) as it describes how to fix what was in my original post.