Pfsense with virtualbox, I can't connect to internet

  • Hello !

    I have a problem with pfsense, I made a network with 3 clients PC : server 2008 (IP : ; Gateway :, Debian (IP : ; Gateway : and XP (IP : ; Gateway : in private network "LAN1". I want to use it to have an access at Internet but pfSense don't leave the connection. Here the configuration of pfsense :
    First netcard :
    Secind netcard :

    I don't touch firewall configuration so it should allow to pass everythings.

    Please help me


  • I have the same issue.

    Checked the status of the gateway, and that is marked as active.
    NAT is set to automatic mode to carry the connection from LAN to WAN, but still there is no internet connection to my virtualbox hosts.

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