Current Status of QoS & Squid Transparent Proxy w/ 1.2-RC3?

  • What is the current status of QoS & Squid Transparent Proxy w/ 1.2-RC3?  I currently have a pfSense platform setup for routing public IPs, and if I download a file w/o the shaper on, I see Squid kick in and the file downloads at LAN speeds.  If I enable the Shaper and download that same file, it looks like Squid is being shaped as well.  Is this a known issue, or do I have my configuration setup incorrectly?

    I've read the previous messages posted to the forums (including tweaking, but I've also read that there were changes in store for QoS & Squid that may have been fixed in later versions (including 1.2).

    Just looking for someone to set me straight.


  • I've upgraded to 1.2-RC4 and still see the squid replies being shaped.  Is this expected behavior?

  • Yeah its expected.

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