Squid not working in no-transparent mode

  • Hi  :)
    I've pfsense 2.1.3  running squid proxy

    i like  configure squid as no-transparent proxy server  but  is not working

  • Maybe if you provided some more detail, people would be able to help you.

    How does it not work?
    What happens when you configure a client to use the proxy?
    Are there any error messages?

    Transparent mode is usually much easier to use since you don't have to configure your clients.  Why are you not using Transparent?

  • with or without proxy configuration user can be connect  :'(

    hi work like a transparent mode!!

  • It works just fine for me and lots of other people.  You don't supply any information when asked.  How are you expecting help when you won't answer questions?

  • KOM

    I use the no-transparent mode to block internet connection  in a user

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