DHCP on Hyper-V + Physical NICs + WAP

  • Genuine new guy here, so I'm afraid you guys might have to spell most of it out for me.

    Trying to build a Pfsense VM on Hyper-V 2012 r2. I have 1 physical NIC bringing in WAN (hn0), one virtual NIC providing DHCP to the other VMs (hn1), and four physical NICs (hn 2,3,4,5).
    hn1 is set up as a DHCP server,

    I'm having a hell of a time setting up bridging from the virtual NIC to the physical NICs. Can someone help me out with that? I'm pretty sure I've been through just about every walkthrough in existence, to no avail.
    -My 4 physical NICs are all added (should those be set to DHCP?)
    -I go to Interfaces - Assign - Bridges, what interfaces do I include in the BRIDGE0 ?
    -Back under the Interface Assignment tab, how do I reassign my interfaces & newly formed bridge?

    Follow-on question - If I were to hook up a Ubiquity AP to one of the physical NICs, what adjustments would I need to make?

    Thanks guys

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