How Do I just get Rid of This "PFSense"

  • I Bought A Dell Optiplex gx260 at an auction,I get home and start it up (Everything is hooked in correctly),I Start it up and it says Keyboard is not connected and It does not let me type on the keyboard and it goes directly into this "PFSense" I dont know what this is…But there is a boot thing from 1-8 to press (But keyboard doesnt type due to the previous error) So it boots in to Pfsense and into a Black and White screen with tons of program text keep pouring down one most notable says "Linkstate changed to DOWN" And then it comes up with A Prompt to enter information about a Vlan and Wan and It keeps looping saying "Not correct information"...Ive even put a linux CD Into the cd slot hoping it would boot up into Linux to get rid of "PFSense" and to no luck it didnt work...Same thing over and over...,PLEASE I JUST WANT RID OF PFSense...No disrespect to anybody on these forums either. Please Help!  :'(

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    There are 1000's of pfSense Installations. If you look at the Stats this forum receives over 500 User Login's a day on an average day….

    Maybe you just bought a computer that has some hardware issue?

    If the error message says "Keyboard is not connected", maybe you plugged keyboard into the Mouse ps/2 socket? The Keyboard p2/2 Socket is the purple one. Or you have a bad keyboard

    We are all here to help if you ask the right questions.

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    I think he wants to get rid of the thing so he can install something else…..

  • The problem is not pfSense-related. You must get into the BIOS setup and change the boot order so the system boots from CD / DVD if a medium is in the drive. From there on you can boot a setup medium of whatever you would like to install. Form there on whatever is on the hard drive can be replaced by a newly installed system. You start BIOS setup with F2 or F12 key during the boot process. The required key should be shown during boot.

    If not already done I recommend disconnecting everything from the system except the keyboard. If this is a PS/2-keyboard try different PS/2 ports. If it is USB try different USB ports. (The board might have a single defective port). Verify that the keyboard is ok with another computer. If you tried PS/2 to no avail try a USB device instead and vice versa.

    You can also try to replace the mainboard battery. This might cause problems especially if the board is already old.

    You should also search for help in any PC / DELL forum.

    I hope this helps …

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    Yep, this isn't a pfSense problem. You're already doing the right thing by booting from a Linux CD but unfortunately it seems your bios isn't configured to boot from a CD before the HD. You need to find a keyboard that works and, I agree with Flo, it's probably because you're using a USB keyboard and the bios isn't setup to recognise it.

    You could try resetting the CMOS to see if the defaults recognise a USB keyboard or boot from CD.

    You could try disconnecting the HD to force it to boot from a CD. That won't help you reformat the HD but it will test the CD-ROM drive.

    Try booting from a USB stick with a Linux image on it.


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    I am not a fan of USB Keyboards! Even in Windows Domain environments, moving USB keyboards from port to port can sometimes cause "no keyboard found" issues.

  • Thank You so much guys!!!!!!….Its a Usb keyboard,And I replaced the Removable Battery And it noticed the keyboard in which I booted into Bios and I Overwrited my Linux distro. over PFSense and all Is working as needed!

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