RTP and RTCP ports

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    I'm configuring webcam (dlink dcs-2120) I need remote access, in theory no problem nat ports:

    HTTP port
    RTSP port
    RTP port for video
    RTCP port for video
    RTP port for audio
    RTCP port for audio

    the problems I can access via http port but I can't see remote image.
    Is there any problems with RTP-RTCP port in pfsense ? I hope was my error and I listen any idea for find solutions .


  • RTP is being tranfered over either UDP or TCP.
    Since it usually uses a port from 16384-32767 you need to take a look at your webcam config and select the right on for your FW rule.

    VNC uses RTP too and there is no problem with is over pfSense.
    So i suspect you just used a wrong port in your FW-rule.

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