Unable to route to/from networks

  • I'm setting up a new pfsense box due to some network changes needed by my data center.  previously I had a /28 network that was routed to a /24 network.  My servers all lived on the /24 network with public IPs (no NAT).  I now have just a single /26, but for some reason, I can't get anything to route correctly.  My setup is something like this:

    WAN: X.X.X.4/32 (LACP LAGG with em2/em3) - This interface is up and working, I can access it from the internet as I would expect to be able to.  The gateway on this interface is X.X.X.1 and is set to the default gateway. (dc uses .1 for floating IP, .2 and .3 for each of their core routers, so my firewall is .4)

    OPT: interface em1

    MANAGEMENT: (VLAN 5 on em1) Gateway is

    CUSTOMERNET: X.X.X.5/26 (VLAN 10 on em1) Gateway is X.X.X.5

    On a server that's on VLAN 10, I can ping, ssh, etc to other servers on that same network.  I can't ping my own gateway, anything on VLAN 5 (don't care about that), or anything outside.  I also can't ping from the outside in.

    I'm sure it's a routing problem on my side, but I can't pin-point what the issue is.  I have also added rules for right now on all networks to allow any/any so make sure it's not a firewall rule blocking it.  Any thoughts?

  • What's your default gateway on the machine you're pinging from/the machine(s) you're pinging to?

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