Traffic Shaper Dropping Packets even with queue at 1200

  • Hi Guys,

    i have setup the traffic shaper with HFSC
    my link speed is 20Mbit down 1Mbit up

    I only shape the upload so my server cant saturate the tiny upload bandwidth or so no one else in the house uploading a youtube video kills the pings.

    The problem after spending a couple of days messing with the settings is even increasing the queue length i cant stop it from dropping packets sometimes, it doesn't drop packets unless the link is over all saturated at 1Mbit up but you would think it could queue them properly ?

    the other moment when it will drop a huge amount of packets is if one of the queues is close to upperlimit % and then on the same queue i use chrome to load up a couple of big websites, sometimes one of the sites loads up all mangled and missing allot of formatting.

  • That's normal and expected behaviour.  The traffic shaping in the HFSC drops packets in order to try to maintain the limit.
    It doesn't allow for the buffer to bloat infinitely - which is what I suspect you have expected.

  • Is this due to packet ttl ?

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